23 July 2020

Launch of CARMIM Task

The search for the cultural identity emerging from Reguengos de Monsaraz region, for its uniqueness - the singularity of its people and the generosity its lands –  brought CARMIM to launch a new range of wines. After Primitivo, Tarefa is the next in line. Inspired by a piece of local pottery that accompanied many of us in the homes of our childhoods, Tarefa (which literally translates to “task “) is a clay container used to store small quantities of traditional products, namely those resulting from winemaking activities offered by the typical grapes of the region. Generations have seen their homemade wines ferment in these containers, thus expressing the quality, typicality and identity of a unique nectar.

Grounded on the regional tradition, the knowledge acquired and the desire to create a future memory, Tarefa is the finest compliment to the nature and history of our wines. Based on a careful selection of local grape varieties, among which we highlight the old Moreto, it fermented and aged in typical clay pots. This wine of ancestral harmony is intended to honor the people and territories that tangled the fabric of our collective self: a forward looking collective of women and men.