About Us

Mission and Values

However, people are more important than numbers, and this is why, when we say it's important to stress the human side of CARMIM, we are referring to its broader but well defined mission of human recognition, of increasing welfare and improving the living conditions of its members.

Furthermore, wine tourism, the production of olive oil, wines, and the internationalization of its products are priority areas in which the company has invested and will continue to invest in the future.

Today CARMIM is a major reference, not only because of the Alentejo Wines, but also at a national level. The sign of elegance and the ambitious commitment to quality that the company has established since its very inception have enabled CARMIM to maintain a leadership profile on the quality wines market.

The long experience of combining traditional know-how with state-of-the-art winemaking technology contributed to a regular presence of CARMIM wines and olive oils at the table of an increasingly more sophisticated and better informed consumer.


Training has been a constant concern at CARMIM. An ambitious training program is promoted annually for the company's employees, in diversified but equally important areas, such as commercial, behavioural, languages, IT, hygiene and safety at work, environmental, food, wines, among others. Training for members was not forgotten, with periodic training sessions on applying phytopharmaceutical products, sustainability and wine-growing plans, covering a broad range of areas such as best cultural practices in the vineyard, food safety and best environmental practices, cultural practices vs. wine quality, and commercial, wine-making and wine-growing goals.

Social Responsibility

Since 2011, CARMIM develops an innovative social responsibility project, whose goal has been to help people without financial resources to solve issues in the areas of health, employment, education or talent achievement. The most visible side of this platform is the wine Monsaraz Millennium, which is a wine of causes, with the slogan "Let's help people", which acts in that context as a flagship of the entire project. The first initiative within the framework of the project was the delivery of an electric wheelchair, to meet the needs of a young man who suffers from a genetic disease called Microcephaly, which affects the motor skills (lower and upper limbs), causing mobility loss. The following initiatives were aimed at helping two children with health support needs. The donations were delivered to the LusoTerapias Clinic and to the Rehabilitation Gym Terapikuba, so that both children can continue to enjoy health treatments and physiotherapy, enabling them to improve their quality of life.


CARMIM obtained, on December 31, 2011, the joint certification of its Quality Management, Environmental Management and Food Safety Management Systems, respectively to the Standards NP EN ISO 9001, NPEN ISO14001 and NP EN ISO 22000, having been the first company in Portugal within the sector to this receive type of integrated management certification. This triple certification recognizes the company's effort to ensure the conformity of its products, the satisfaction of its customers, the demonstration of the absolute commitment to food safety. In 2013, it achieved yet another important objective in the field of certification, through IFS Food version 6 certification. With the implementation of IFS Food 6, the company was equipped with a more robust Quality and Food Safety Management system, which facilitates its integration in international markets, which guarantees a concrete response to the high safety and quality of Products and expectations of customers, allowing to face the great competitiveness of the markets that has been verified in recent years. Currently, the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IFS Food standards are in force.